Sink or Swim Mentor: While Nero generally tries to keep

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replica goyard handbags Why someone would target the descendants rather than the one who originally did the wrong tends to vary, but it’s usually due to the original offender not being alive enough to go after and make suffer. Or that the descendant benefitted (or still benefits) from his ancestors’ crimes; the money grandfather stole allowed the father to go to law school, which allowed son to grow up in comfortable circumstances; therefore, son deserves to be punished for grandfather’s theft. This is especially true of villains who are immortal or undead, or many a Sealed Evil in a Can, whose hatreds can take years if not decades or centuries to fester and grow. More often than not, this form of revenge is pursued by villains rather than heroes, since targeting someone other than the person who actually committed the wrong, and who may not have anything to do with it aside from being descended from the person who did is a good way to wind up on the wrong side of the Rule of Empathy. replica goyard handbags

Wholesale Replica Bags Nuclear Weapons Taboo: Sooooooooo inverted look at the finales of Dreadnought and Zero Hour. Odd Friendship: Laura and Shelby, and Franz and Nigel. Off With Her Head: Ghost suffers this at the hands of Raven with some alacrity. As Shelby said soon after, “remind me to never piss her off again”. Older Than They Look: Dr. Nero. The Onmicient Council Of Vagueness: the Ruling Council. Omnidisciplinary Scientist: Laura, Otto, Pike. Out Gambitted: The main four find that Dr. Nero has done this to an incredible extent in the first book. Photographic Memory: Otto, to an extreme. The computer in his head helps. Preatorian Guard: the Phalanx. Professional Killer: Raven. Psycho Serum: The Animus. Rapid Fire Typing: How Otto, Raven, and Pike discover Otto’s technopathic abilities. Recursive Ammo: Megladon’s torpedoes do this. And it’s awesome. Russian Girl Suffers Most: Raven: Shot in the thigh, dropped off the Millennium Wheel into the Thames (and probably half drowned in the process), knocked unconscious with an electric floor mop, foot long spike through her shoulder, shot at again, kicked, beaten and generally abused by a military psycho. Shout Out: In Dreadnought, the students are noted to have a book entitled No, I Expect You to Die. Later, when Otto comments that “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit,” Wing replies, “I thought it was funny pictures of kittens from the internet.” Otto quickly agrees. To be honest, the series started on the whole premise of taking villain stereotypes and exploring them further, so, consequently, the books are littered with (usually subtle) nods to the villains of real world fiction. Sink or Swim Mentor: While Nero generally tries to keep students out of the real danger, he seems to have no problem with sending newly arrived students who are joining the upper years on the same dangerous survival exercises as their well trained classmates. Sixth Ranger: Lucy arrives in Dreadnought. After her death in Zero Hour, Aftershock sees the arrival of Tom and Penny. After Deadlock, it’s just Penny, and she’s not too happy with the rest of the group. Snark to Snark Combat: All characters do it and do it well. Spy Catsuit: Raven’s infiltration get up. Time Passes Montage: One occurs in book one. Time Skip: Between books two and three. Training from Hell: Raven’s early life seems to have consisted entirely of this and escape attempts. True Companions: Otto, Laura, Wing, Shelby, Franz, Nigel, Lucy, and Raven. Villain Protagonist: Most of the cast. The Disciples also do this. World of Snark: Especially evident in the scene where the students are all riding together in a stolen car in Zero Hour Wholesale Replica Bags.

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